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Scout, our missing pet

Having a missing pet can be devastating.  We at know this first hand – in fact it was the driving factor behind developing this website.

On December 27th, 2011, we woke up to find that our beloved Chihuahua mix, Scout, had gone missing.  We immediately searched the neighborhood and, unable to find him, we hung posters around the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, we’ve not been contacted – so Scout remains missing.  We decided to turn a negative into a positive and hence, was born.  If we can help find just one missing pet for a heartbroken family in the Poway community, then a smile can be brought to our own broken hearts.

There are many “national” websites that will allow you to post your information regarding your missing pet – but most charge some sort of fee (one website charges $15 per picture!). is 100% free – including the ability to upload up to 2 pictures of your missing pet.   We even have a section for pets that are found – again, 100% free.