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Escondido Humane Society Escondido Humane Society
Escondido Humane Society  Aside from this site, be sure to FREQUENTLY visit their site as they are the dedicated Humane Society for the Poway area.  The nice thing about them – they actually take pictures of the animals they find and post them on their found page.
County of San Diego - Animal Services County of San Diego – Animal Services
County of San Diego Animal Services A lost pet could easily stray into Rancho Bernardo, Scripps Ranch, Sabre Springs… all of which are officially City of San Diego. If found outside of Poway, Escondido Humane won’t take the animal – they would be referred to the County Shelter. And it is no stretch to think that a pet who leaves home in Poway could easily wind up in one of our neighboring San Diego city neighborhoods.
MGX Copy MGX Copy
MGX Copy located in Poway.  One of the most important things to do when your pet is missing is to get some fliers printed.  When Scout went missing, I initially tried printing fliers from my home printer – but soon realized it would take forever to print up 200 copies (not to mention deplete my ink several times over).  A quick Google search brought me to MGX Copy where I had 200 fliers printed up with SAME DAY SERVICE for $48.  With the help of the kids and one of my nieces, we walked around taping fliers to all the mailboxes in the neighborhood – gave a few to the local PetCo store – and even gave a few to the local Sheriff’s department.  What’s nice about MGX Copy is you can create your flier on your home computer – and then upload it to them for printing!  Very, very convenient to say the least.
Tagg GPS Pet Collar Tagg GPS Pet Collar
Tagg Pet Tracker:  An actual GPS collar for your pet.  If your pet leaves a pre-designated area (your yard, etc), you will be notified via text message and/or email message.  You can then track his/her location on your PC or smartphone GPS.  I saw this commercial on TV just THREE DAYS after Scout went missing.
Poway Patch Poway Patch
Poway Patch: Patch is an AOL news company that is active in 860-plus small cities and communities across the country. Patch has been active in Poway since September 2010 and covers everything from politics to business to arts and entertainment. Reporters update the site every couple of hours and publish about 5-8 new stories every day.

The editor for Poway Patch, Hoa, has said that she will inform me if anyone happens to post an announcement on the site regarding a lost pet – and in return, I will notify her of new submissions on A wonderful example of two entities coming together to share resources for our lost buddies! Thanks Hoa!

Custom Body Pillows Custom Body Pillows
Custom Body Pillows:  While not technically a “resource” for helping to find your pet, I find this company (located in Mira Mesa) to be pretty cool!  I would do them an injustice by trying to explain what they do – but once you visit their site, you’ll immediately see what I’m talking about.